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August 24, 2013 Show Results:
*Denotes Overall Winner

Fitness America Southern California Regional

Fitness America:
*1st Place                Silvia Malachovska
2nd Place                 Eva Matouskova
3rd Place                 Venus Ramos
4th Place                 Laura Ramirez
5th Place                 Maria Garcia
6th Place                Karen Zimmer

Figure America Master:
1st Place                 Susie Rios
2nd Place                 Felicia Alexander

Figure America Classic:
*1st Place                Audrey Hanseen
2nd Place                 Jocelyn Lucol

Figure America Short:
1st Place                 Susie Rios
2nd Place                 Andrea Valdez
3rd Place                 Nina Kuzian
4th Place                 Sarah Lentz

Figure America Tall:
1st Place                 Kristy Hunt
2nd Place                 Meghan McGinnis

Bikini America Classic:
1st Place                 Anadell Murray
2nd Place                 Kimberly Dion
3rd Place                 Irene Picardi
4th Place                 Pearl Love
5th Place                 Taryn LuQuin

Bikini America Short:
1st Place                 Marie Gomez
2nd Place                 Brittany Noelle
3rd Place                 Renee Amour
4th Place                 Emma Picardi
5th Place                 Genna Ellison

Bikini America Tall:
*1st Place                Jasmin Ramirez
2nd Place                 Cybil Schneider
3rd Place                 Anadell Murray
4th Place                 Lindsey Smith

Model America Female:
1st Place                 Brittany Noelle
2nd Place                 Lindsey Smith

Model America Male:
1st Place                 Marcus Cargill
2nd Place                 Ervine McKinley

UNBA Samson & Delilah USA Muscle Classic:
*Denotes Overall Winner

Ultramaster Men:
*1st Place                Corky Gainsford               
2nd Place                 Sigee Malkvist

Grandmaster Men:
*1st Place                Sigee Malkvist

Master Men:
*1st Place                Sigee Malkvist

Novice Men Short:
*1s Place                Wade Foote
2nd Place                 Stephen Shand

Novice Men Tall:
1st Place                 John Haubenstricker
2nd Place                 Matthew Saner

Novice Women Physique:
1st Place                 Jenna Christenson

Open Women Physique:
1st Place                 Jamie Sobolewski
2nd Place                 Tamora Whitfield
3rd Place                 Jenna Christenson

Open Men Physique:
*1st Place                Jamaal Collins

Open Women:
*1st Place                Jamie Sobolewski

Open Men Short:
1st Place                 Sigee Malkvist

Open Men Tall:
*1st Place                Peter Cichonski
2nd Place                 John Haubenstricker         
3rd Place                 Adi Shein

UNBA Universe Natural:
Denotes Overall Winner
*1st Place                Iam Carluen
2nd Place                 Peter Cichonski
3rd Place                 John Haubenstricker
4th Place                 Adi Shein
5th Place                 Wade Foote
6th Place                 Sigee Malkvist











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