Our Mission

The United Natural Bodybuilding Association promotes health and wellness through physical fitness and proper nutrition. Our goal is to provide the natural athletes a place in which to compete in a fair and fun environment, where competitors receive great awards, have good sportsmanship, and no politics. All UNBA contests are drug tested.

About Us

The UNBA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The Association works with youth in the inner-city stressing the importance of eating healthy and staying natural. Getting involved with positive activities is a way of keeping youth out of gangs, and deterring them from drugs and alcohol abuse. Every year the UNBA have a Christmas Toy Drive for the youth in the community. If you would like to support the drug-free effort to educate the youth and the public regarding the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle, you can either make a monetary donation or you can send a new toy to the address below. All donations made are tax deductible.

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